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Phone Products

If you want a way to provide an integrated, top-notch phone system for your company, then look no further than TDLI Communications Corp. Our phone system options are indispensable for countless businesses throughout Long Island.

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TDLI Communications offers hosted IP phone systems as well as SIP trunking that can save your business money every month. With a hosted system, companies can get all the features (and more) of a large PBX system without the capital outlay. We offer full-featured cloud-based phone systems with over 40 advanced features such as find me/follow me, virtual receptionist, simultaneous ring and fax over IP. With SIP trunks, you get unlimited calling to over 20 international destinations. SIP trunks easily integrate into existing phone systems, allow for direct inward dial numbers, and start at just $19.95 per month.

We only utilize the most current and advanced solutions for our clients. On-premise systems are holding your business back. We make switching to the cloud easy with our quick migration process that’ll have you set up within days, and our account representatives manage a great onboarding process for seamless integration. Cloud benefits are clear.

Highly Reliable
Simplified Scaling & Management
Lower Cost
Business Continuity
Increased Productivity & Collaboration